How safe is Stay Studio?

Stay Studio is completely safe for both boys and girls. The place is equipped with modern CCTV cameras and security personnel to keep an eye on the place 24*7. Additionally, the identities are checked & verified before letting anyone inside the residential space. Thus, any trespasser is blocked right away.

Can couples stay in service apartments?

Yes, absolutely. There are no restrictions. They can stay in separate rooms allotted. However, it may depend on other service apartments in Gurgaon and their guidelines.

Why is the trend of service apartments rising?

One of the reasons is the fully-furnished rooms and an array of amenities at an affordable price. Single occupants enjoy the space and maintenance, which is impossible when they live alone or as paying guests.

How are service apartments different from traditional rental places?

Living in a service apartment differs from living at rental places like PGs and landlords. The facilities, overall ambiance, quality of life, privacy, and liberty at service apartments are excellent and make the service apartment a perfect choice for many travelers.

What facilities are offered in service apartments?

The facilities offered in these spaces are vast and may vary. The common facilities you get are a community area, a common kitchen, like-minded people from different walks of life, clean and hygienic rooms, and a safe environment for all to stay in.

How do you define service apartments?

Service apartments are the best place for those who want to keep their stay within budget yet wish to avail all facilities that a rented accommodation does not offer.

What is the minimum cost at service apartments?

The minimum cost of these spaces depends on the luxury they offer, location, and other factors. Stay Studio provides all facilities at the most affordable price.

Which types of people live in service apartment spaces?

People from all fields and professions stay in coliving spaces. However, they are preferred mostly by corporate professionals who want safety, security, and luxury all in one place at a low cost.

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