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July 27, 2022

Whenever we talk about technologically advanced and job-abundant cities, Gurgaon is the first choice. Being a city that is always on the move and growing bigger with each passing day, it attracts many professionals who step into Gurgaon for jobs or work-related travels.

Among these travellers are the ones who have to stay for the long term to look for jobs or because of their work but do not wish to empty their chunks of savings into the hotel. A guest house in Gurgaon is the right place for these solo travellers and those who are always on the go. 

By opting for a guest house, you bid adieu to the hassles of PG, landlords, hotel check-ins and long bills. From being budget-friendly to providing the comfort of a home, these serviced apartments, guest houses, and budget hotels in Gurgaon offer numerous reasons why you should choose to ditch the hotels and PGs.

Reasons to Choose A Guest House In Gurgaon


1. Offers You an Unforgettable experience

A guest house in Gurgaon offers a different living experience than a hotel. Guest houses and service apartments often harbour co-living, which makes you feel connected and gives opportunities to interact with people of the same community. The local community of people with whom you will share the space will enhance your stay. If you enjoy sharing your knowledge and experiences with others while travelling, you will enjoy staying at a guest home in Gurgaon more than any hotel.

Moreover, unlike corporate-driven and revenue-generating hotels, the guest houses are run by a small group of individuals who make your stay as pleasant as possible. You get the best amenities and the largest accommodations with complete privacy.

2. Reduced Cost Of Living

You are already burdened with the travel expenses, and you wouldn’t want to top it off with the extra costly hotels and overhead charges they levy. At a guest house in Gurgaon, the cost of living is far lower than that of a hotel.

However, the lower cost of convenience does not imply a lack of modern amenities. You get all of the comforts and services you would normally get at a hotel but at a reduced cost due to several factors, including housekeeping, laundry, breakfast, free wifi, parking space, and more. This is one of the reasons why you should choose a guest house or a service apartment in Gurgaon over a hotel.

3. Home-Like Atmosphere

If you travel frequently or your work keeps you on the move, you would know that hotel rooms look and feel the same and can get mundane or lifeless at some point. Moreover, when you are far from home, you want the comfort of a cosy good night’s sleep, which is sometimes hard to get in a hotel.

So, for you to brighten up your living experience, why not go for a guest house that maintains and savours the old appeal of the city while being completely perfect for the Millenials and Gen-Z? Even with the old appeal and design or style, these guest houses provide the sheer comfort and aesthetics you would love.

4. No hidden charges

There are always some hidden charges when it comes to a hotel or PGs. Maybe in the form of services, food, maintenance or cancellation. While in the guest houses, there are no hidden charges as everything is documented and conveyed before the booking. 

Moreover, when you choose the hotel, you are charged for the exact number of days regardless of the duration of your stay. There is no refund or return if you decide to move out before the decided period. However, you pay only for the days you stay in guest houses without paying extra charges.

5. No Lock-in period

Whether you stay for two days or two months, the guest houses and serviced apartments welcome everyone! Usually, there is no lock-in period, so you can live stress-free for both the short-term and long-term without worrying about the huge bill waiting for you at the hotel reception when checking out.

Experience The Best At Stay Studio

The guest houses and serviced apartments are becoming a pattern among corporate travellers, experts, and students searching for amenity-rich living spaces with every convenience. They lean toward having a space that feels like home yet also gets them far from taking care of regular undertakings like paying huge bills, cleaning, and more.

Stay studio understands the requirements of professionals and has accordingly concocted the serviced apartments in Gurgaon with every facility, and that’s not all. While staying with us, you will experience unmatched security, free wifi, delicious breakfast every day, leisure-filled evenings among the community of travellers, and the feeling of home.

Thus, if you have travel on your cards, book a stay at the Stay Studio today! For more information, visit Our Website.