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August 16, 2022

Serviced apartments are the most comfortable and affordable solution if you are looking for a place to hop in while travelling. It saves you the hassles of landlords, PGs, and hotels while offering you the comfort and convenience of a luxury apartment.

But if you end up choosing the wrong service apartment, it can be a total bummer. Especially in a city like Gurgaon, Delhi or Mumbai, where new condos are coming up every week, it becomes hard to choose the right one. After all, a good stay makes the whole trip 100x better.

So, how can you be certain that the apartment suits you? What to look for while choosing the best service apartment in Gurgaon and what to consider before booking.

Well, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are a few tips for choosing Service Apartments Gurgaon to help you find the ideal rental.

Tips To Choose The Best Service Apartments In Gurgaon For Rent

Assess Your Financial Plan And Know Your Requirements

Before searching for the best service apartments in Gurgaon for rent, determine how much money you can spend on your travel plans, food and other expenses tag along with your travelling. Most people have a set budget and love to stay under that umbrella.

While searching for an apartment, you can check what to look for while buying service apartments in Gurgaon and then chalk out the financial spend. Moreover, the service apartments are not very expensive and save the cost of staying by thousands.

Check The Amenities You Need

The lack of good features and amenities can be a major setback to any travel plan. Good amenities can make any place worth a stay, whether a hotel, homestay, PG or rental apartment.

Before choosing the apartment to stay in, make a list of amenities you will need, like wifi, breakfast, room service, laundry, parking, and more. Once you’ve made the list of amenities, make a list of the places that have those amenities and start shortlisting your preferred properties.

Proximity To The Key Locations

Whether you are travelling for work or leisure, living close to the main city area is important. You must have easy and quick access to hospitals, malls, airports, bus stands, metro stations and more to commute easily.

Living close to the main places will save you time and money while travelling. Moreover, exploring the new city and setting up meetings without travelling kilometres in an unknown city will be easy.

Security and Safety

In these times when we hear crime news and theft every day, our concerns about being safe, especially while travelling, increase. Thus, the need to live in a safe service apartment is a necessity and not an option. You may not be able to trust the landlord or PGs that provide accommodations, especially if you’re a girl, but such is not the case with serviced apartments.

Gurgaon service apartments are highly safe and have strict security measures in place. With continuous CCTV surveillance and guards, the inhabitants can be sure of a safe space. Moreover, all the residents are asked to submit government-verified IDs before accommodating a room, eliminating the possibility of fraud or fake people inside the property.

Comfort Of a Home

Regardless of how good the hotel is or how spacious the PG room is, you hardly find the comfort of a home in them. However, in service apartments, the rooms are designed to provide maximum comfort, which can make you feel at home. The privacy, aesthetic decor and meticulously designed rooms can make anyone feel comfortable.

The rooms and common spaces in Stay Studio are specially made to offer the best experience to the residents. Additionally, we have incorporated the facilities that every Gen-z traveller would like to have.

Book Your Stay at Stay Studio

Corporate travellers, professionals, and students looking for comfortable living accommodations with all the amenities are increasingly turning to serviced apartments. They enjoy having a place that seems like home while also keeping them away from mundane responsibilities such as paying bills, cleaning, etc.

Stay studio recognises everyone’s demands and has created serviced apartments in Gurgaon with all the conveniences. You can enjoy security, wifi, breakfast, a hassle-free stay, flexibility of living, and the sensation of being at home while staying with us.

So, if you’re planning a trip, book a stay at the Stay Studio immediately! Visit our site for more information.