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June 27, 2022

Short stays, vacations, and corporate travels need short stays without long commitments and costly spaces. Thus, choosing service apartments to stay in is a new concept emerging in developing economies like India. It gives an option to an individual to seek facilities that are unavailable in rented accommodations. Also, people get added advantages with a secure environment at a lower cost or the same price.  

Living in fully-furnished, serviced apartments is everything about liberty and co-existence besides cost-effective and comfortable living. Today, everyone from a college student to a corporate citizen is happy to locate such a place. It is convenient and far from any hustle and bustle. Staying in such apartments is akin to knowing several people from different cultures and still being able to enjoy your freedom. 

What Will You Get in Service Apartments?

Make your travels and stays hassle-free with the apartments that help you steer clear of the broker, PGs, and landlords. Along with the comfort of a home, here is what you will get when you opt for serviced apartments

Fabulous facilities: If you live in rented accommodation, payment of electricity, water, and other bills are sans the rent. Also, you are responsible for setting up a WiFi connection, DTH, and other privileges, including food and maintenance charges. So, if you calculate, that sums up to a massive burden. Moreover, keeping up with updates and getting repairs can drain your energy. 

The concept of living in a fully-furnished apartment addresses all the issues that an individual faces while living alone. You can enjoy a carefree environment where everything is taken care of, and there’s no extra charge for other facilities. Everything is included in your one-time bill. 

However, no one indulges in the unnecessary. The privacy is absolute, and everybody gets separate bedrooms.   

Sharing resources: As an individual, you share your resources under the same roof. Thus, the carbon footprint created by you is significantly less. Thus, living together in an apartment while having a space for yourself is also environmentally friendly. Also, you feel safe and secure with several CCTV in place and strict rules for outsiders. Additionally, the management ensures your belongings remain in check every time.

No landlord : Some individuals prefer renting a place with no landlord, and service apartments are ideal for them. They can stay without inhibitions and without the restriction of time, lock-in period, water and electricity charges, and more. Moreover, there is no bond, no broker fee, and no food restrictions. Thus, you can stay without having to worry about little things and focus on having a relaxed time at a place that feels like home.

Take-Home Message

Fully-furnished serviced apartments are becoming a trend among corporate travelers, professionals, and students looking for suitable living spaces with all the amenities. They prefer having a place that feels like home but also keeps them away from handling everyday tasks like paying bills, cleaning, and more.

Stay studio understands the needs of everyone and has thus come up with the serviced apartments in Gurgaon with all the amenities and more. While staying with us, you can enjoy security, WiFi, breakfast, hassle-free stay, freedom of living, and the feeling of home.

So, if you have travel on your cards, book a stay at the Stay Studio today! For more information visit