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September 13, 2022

A fully furnished serviced apartment may provide you with a genuine “second home,” whether you are a frequent traveller looking for a change of pace, or an occasional one seeking something unique. Serviced apartments, as opposed to more standard lodgings like hotels or rentals, are the best option for those who want to live, enjoy, and travel like locals. When you move into a serviced apartment, it is already furnished, allowing you to quickly get to work on your tasks.

You have the convenience of home and the luxury of a high-end hotel. This is the choice for you if you often travel for work. Additionally, you can reside in one of these for the initial few months if you have relocated to Gurgaon. There are a few things you should bear in mind when renting a co-living space alongside fully furnished serviced apartment benefits to get you started.

Fully Furnished Serviced Apartment Benefits

They Provide Additional Space

You have space to work, prepare meals, unwind, and sleep when staying in a serviced apartment, and you often get 30% more room than you would in a hotel of the same calibre. The size of a typical one-bedroom service apartment is almost double that of a regular hotel room.

Compared to other types of lodging, the average fully furnished serviced apartment benefits you as it provides a lot more room. Even studio flats have roomier interiors and come with basic kitchenettes or completely functional kitchens. Having extra room is crucial when staying for a longer period, whether you’re travelling alone, in a group, with family, or as a couple.

Greater Privacy

An increased level of privacy is typically provided by the co-living spaces or serviced apartments. In many circumstances, you may let yourself down and settle in while renting an apartment, allowing you to avoid formalities. You’re staying with a bunch, but you occasionally need some privacy.

When compared to a typical hotel, the co-living space of a fully furnished serviced apartment benefits you as they have more rooms, thereby accommodating you with privacy. Once everyone has been checked in, you are free to come and go as you choose, entertain family and friends, or enjoy a romantic date night at home. A longer stay gives you more chances to see your local friends and relatives.

Price and Savings on Extended Stays

Usually, 20% less expensive than hotels of comparable standards, serviced apartments are priced. In addition, serviced apartments charge a set rent based on the size of the apartment, unlike hotels where you are paid per person. The majority, if not all, will just have limitations on how many visitors an apartment may hold at any given time no matter whether you stay for 1 or 2 days or a weekend.

As a result, there are no additional fees associated with staying alone or with family, friends, or coworkers. Being a long-term resident of a fully furnished serviced apartment benefits you as it will help you save money altogether. Night stays are frequently lowered at a rate for each week you reserve, making them a more affordable option than other types of lodging.

The Best Resources

So, this is another excellent justification for choosing a service apartment. The fine details of accomplishing tasks are not your responsibility. What a hassle if you had to have the internet set up when you moved in since it wasn’t there already? It is essential to double-check that the apartment has all the amenities and services you require because the whole idea of a serviced apartment is that everything is ready to go as you walk through the door.

The majority of fully furnished serviced apartment benefits you by providing various on-site amenities. Some serviced apartments also provide amenities like on-site dining, magnificent swimming pools, and fitness centres in addition to cleaning services and welcome packages.

Adaptability to Your Needs

You can come and leave whenever you like, giving you the flexibility to fit activities into your calendar. The fully furnished serviced apartment benefits allow you to work when you need to work, prepare meals whenever you choose, and have additional room for entertaining friends or holding business meetings at convenient hours. All of these activities may be done in your private area and at convenient times.

You like having the flexibility to live your life as you choose as a guest. In your personal, fully furnished kitchen, you have the option of cooking your meals or going out to eat. The living area offers space for hosting visitors or hosting client meetings. It’s your life, your leisure, and your territory!


What are you waiting for? Schedule that much-needed vacation or business trip to Gurgaon that you’ve been putting off since there aren’t any accommodations available for you to stay in and relish. We hope that our advice on the fully furnished serviced apartment benefits was useful while you search for the best-serviced apartments.

Now that you know what to anticipate from serviced apartments, you can make an informed decision when making a reservation. Stay Studio welcomes you with open arms if you’re seeking the best-serviced apartments in Gurgaon. We provide serviced residences that resemble a home away from home.