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September 12, 2022

Gurgaon is a sensation in its own way. Over the previous decade, it has developed so much that every MNC wishes to set up its headquarters there. To put it straight, it has become the hub of numerous international corporations. That’s why working professionals from all over the country prefer to relocate to Gurgaon. And the hunt for an ideal house can be a great deal of stress. This is where a luxury services apartment comes to your rescue.

Location is crucial when you’re choosing a home for yourself – the right address is a must-have. If you are relocating, then it becomes more prominent as you want it to be near your workspace. Moreover, your home must be safe and lively.

Why is Gurgaon a good city to relocate to?

The Gurgaon region is now turning into a premium residential location as well with several luxury apartments. For those who plan to move to Gurgaon for the very first time, a luxury serviced apartment would be the ideal choice.
How would you know if the apartment you are looking at is actually luxury serviced or not?

Here are some factors to look for in a luxury-serviced apartment in Gurgaon:


A luxury service apartment offers freedom to visitors and its residents to connect with the area. Of course, the security and privacy of residents are not compromised. Imagine how wonderful it would feel to step out of the apartment only to enter a place with some nice fancy restaurants, high-end boutiques, top-notch stores, and whatnot. There are many instances where it is the location that decides if the residential building is considered a luxury service or not.


Your luxury service apartment in Gurgaon will have multiple layers of security to ensure you are safe 24/7 even when you are inside your house. The ideal apartment promises peace of mind by including 24*7 reception service, vigilant cameras at every prominent spot, and proper lighting at every corner and turn.


Let’s come to the point that you have been looking forward to the most. A luxury service apartment in Gurgaon has everything you need to lead a comfortable life. Kitchenware, well-designed closets, furniture, fixtures and fittings, false ceiling, well-lit rooms, and a spacious balcony to enjoy the view. These features together make an ideal luxury services apartment.

Service level

The number of services your apartment is providing also helps in determining if it’s a luxury service apartment or not. The ideal one has a reception, a guardhouse, security, a chauffeur, and a concierge to ensure you have trouble-free movement in the building. In short, you always have someone for your assistance. The motto is to ensure you have a wonderful living experience at your chosen luxury serviced apartment in Gurgaon.


Other than modern household amenities and fixtures inside, a luxury service apartment provides several external facilities as well. It includes a clubhouse, gym, elevators, swimming pool, substantial parking space, parks, and more.


Needless to say, luxury means space. Make sure the apartment gives you enough space to breathe and is well-lit. It will help you stretch out and relax while the natural light fills you with positive energy. Confined small spaces can never give you a luxury living experience. So, look for luxury service apartments that offer a space to live freely.

Calming ambience

Be it inside the apartment or the outside, luxury must know no boundaries. A luxury serviced apartment in Gurgaon will ensure the chaos of the world remains outside. Once you enter the premises, your mind relaxes on its own. The aim is to offer an environment conducive to healing from daily struggle.


If you are thinking of relocating to Gurgaon, then go for a luxury-service apartment from Staystudio to experience finesse, comfort, and a premium lifestyle. Stay Studio determines that anyone away from their home should have a homely place to dwell in. So, they provide rightly priced luxury services apartments that balance work and life pleasingly.