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July 27, 2022

A few years ago, who would’ve thought that you could actually rent out apartments that were fully furnished and offered amenities similar to those of hotels? Honestly, everyone thought about hotels as practically the best thing that happened to travellers because where else could you go back then if you wanted deluxe service?

Well, that was then; this is now!

Owing to the advent of serviced apartments brought about by the boom in corporate travellers and their changing tastes, these short-term rentals became the next best alternative to staying at hotels. The Gurgaon serviced apartments are a perfect example of the increasing popularity among Indians.

In addition, they also offer more space, amenities, and home-like comfort that hotels couldn’t. They became especially a hit with business travellers who travelled with their families or solo, and the fact that you could cook your meals instead of ordering room service was another draw.

The fully-equipped kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms all come together to make you feel you have a home away from home. And when it comes to home, even the best five-star hotel rooms can feel impersonal with their formal décor, but serviced apartments will provide the ease you need to relax, especially after a long day of meetings and travel.

Let’s see why serviced apartments are a better choice.

What Makes Serviced Apartments Better Than Hotels?

Serviced apartments take out the hassle of organizing business trips and significantly lessen the huge costs usually incurred during travelling. If you are a corporate professional or travel frequently, take advantage of the benefits Gurgaon serviced apartments bring and experience what it truly feels like to have a home away from home minus the high cost.

1. Cost of Service apartments:

For stays of over a week, serviced apartments are usually cheaper than comparable hotels by 10 to 15%. For stays of over a month, the savings could be as high as 25%, and for stays longer than 3 months, it could be as high as 40%.

There are many reasons for these savings:

  • Housekeeping services are provided by the serviced apartment resulting in a lesser cost for the laundry and cleaning.
  • Apartments, especially those with eating outlets nearby, don’t usually run a restaurant, but you can always opt for breakfast. Since they have a kitchen, you can also cook your meal if required. This reduces the overheads.
  • Facilities like internet access and telephones are usually very expensive in hotels which pushes up the overall costs further, but with the serviced apartments, they come with room charges, and the internet is free.
  • There are usually no hidden charges when it comes to serviced apartments in Gurgaon. All the charges provided include amenities stated in the document based on your room choice.

2. Located Close to Key Areas:

This is important for those who have to travel a lot for work. The best accommodation, in this case, is one which is located close to our area of interest or place of work.

Hotels are usually clustered around specific areas of high tourist activity. This may not be the best choice for all business travellers. Moreover, you may not get the right hotel close to your area of interest. Thus, it is always better to opt for the serviced apartments as they are widely spread out, keeping you close to all the main areas. For instance, the service apartment in Gurgaon – Stay Studio is just a few minutes away from hospitals, metro stations, railway stations, and more, reducing your travel time by hours.

3. Provides Home-Like Comfort:

The serviced apartments in Gurgaon are usually bigger than a hotel room, so we get more space for the buck. Moreover, some kitchen facilities are always provided, so there is no over-dependence on restaurants and coffee shops.

Here are some more comfort factors:

  • Families and groups can opt for a bigger apartment with more than one bedroom so that everybody can be comfortably accommodated.
  • A fully equipped kitchen is a boon for large groups. They can have homemade food and save a lot on restaurant bills.
  • There is always more privacy and freedom and less intrusion from the housekeeping staff.

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Serviced apartments are a perfect choice for anyone wanting to stay for short or longer periods. Stay Studio’s serviced apartments in Gurgaon combine the space and comfort of a vacation home with luxury hotel amenities. Whether for a two-day business trip or a month-long stay, you can trust us for a perfect and safe stay. To know more about the amenities and services, visit our website.