Stay Studio

June 27, 2022

When business and work-related travels are growing, there is also an increased demand for a place to stay that is far from the hassles of PGs and landlords. A place where amenities and comfort blend.

The service apartments are created keeping the same idea in mind that brings together the extravagance of a hotel and the feeling of a home. 

Because of its benefits, service apartment living is a growing culture that brings communities together in various cities. People from different backgrounds can live with or without interfering with each other’s work. They have the liberty to move in and out any time of the day, cook their meals and enjoy their privacy.

Precisely, it is a place where people can live without stress and enjoy their stays, whether for short or long, without worrying about amenities, cleanliness, or food.

What Makes A Service Apartments Popular?

Everyone loves to sleep in and wake up in a place where they can feel comfortable, and the service apartments provide just that. Here are some more inclusion that makes these apartments the first choice of corporate professionals, students, and families

1. Suitable for Solo Travelers and Family

If you do not get much time to do all the household chores and other stuff, choosing a fully-furnished apartment with all the amenities is beneficial. You will have the assurance of safety and all facilities that are not available in a rented space. Thus, sans the high cost, they can enjoy life with amenities exclusive to five-star hotels.

It is beneficial to professionals and small families who fail to find accommodation at a reasonable price for a limited duration. Thus, these apartments offer an excellent place to stay harmoniously with different people from various backgrounds. That’s the reason it is garnering immense popularity. 

2. Emerging concept 

The concept of living in a furnished apartment for a limited time is emerging rapidly. The environment and ambience are exceedingly enticing for people. Also, they don’t have to bother about maintenance or cleaning. Even a single bedroom can house your requirements. 

 Moreover, community living has its perks because myriad people teach you different things in life. It is beside the host of attractions that you find at serviced apartments. It proposes people from various backgrounds understand each other and exchange several cultural attributes. Hence, it is a small community where people can come together. 

3. Facilities in Serviced Apartments

The major attractions are security, maintenance, housekeeping, launderette, kitchen, and 24*7 security. People opting for these apartments get an excellent lounge area, kitchen, work zone, and more. Additionally, there’s a kitchen and rooms to let the residents cook their meals. Thus, people live here like a family where everybody can acknowledge their privacy and enjoy meals together. 

Experience Lavish Living at Stay Studio in Gurgaon

The promising lifestyle concepts help folks open up to strangers and learn new things under one roof while keeping privacy intact. 

Stay Studio was developed to build a co-living space that lets people indulge in hassle-free accommodations through flexible living arrangements. Our fully-furnished, serviced apartments in Gurgaon is an ode of perfect living in a place that feels like home regardless of the duration of stay.

We enable happy, healthy, and happening living spaces amidst the bustle of the fast-paced city. Leave your worries aside and enjoy every second of your stay at Stay Studio. For more information visit