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June 27, 2022

While traveling and booking a place to stay, safety is the prime concern for everyone. Moreover, ever since the concept of hostels, service apartments, and co-living spaces has emerged, one thing that everyone setting a foot out to live thinks about is safety. That is unanimous because while opting for apartments shared with strangers, we may feel uncomfortable and have to be more cautious & conscious than ever.

However, if you go for decent and well-managed serviced apartments, you will never have to worry about the security of these places. Moreover, talking about safety, these apartments are a business module. Thus, they ask for valid identification proofs and background checks and ensure the person is unsuspicious before letting them inside the apartments. The team ensures that no one can trespass and lives there without the mandatory procedure.

What Makes Service Apartments Safer?

Apart from amenities and features, a personal traveling alone will always prioritize safety over everything else. Here are some of the things you will have when living in a service apartment.

  1. Secure, homely feeling

While working away from home, you search for a place that offers comfort and good quality of life while you stay. Service apartments step into that place and introduce you to an extended family with some like-minded people. Hence, that provides you with some sense of security and safety. Thus, you can rest your inhibitions and gel with your other partners. 

These apartments also respect your private space as you get a separate bedroom to sleep in and relax. Thus, you can be sure of the safety of your personal belongings despite living with other members under one roof.

  1. Live, work and socialize 

When we live around people of the like-minded community belonging to the same class, we tend to feel safer. This is one of the reasons why people prefer living in serviced apartments as they are surrounded by other people who may have the same reasons for traveling and can gel over conversations. Moreover, these apartments have separate rooms for every individual; thus, doing official work becomes easy. No one disturbs you in your private area.  

Weekends are fun here, as you have plenty of other guys for talking, chilling and jumping into enjoyable activities. You learn about your co-inhabitants and get to know them better. So, the security of bonding develops over time. You live, work and socialize in a single place and every day brings surprises. So, it is amusing and entertaining at the same time. 

  1. Safe for cost 

Costing is a big factor in people’s minds living in rented accommodation. And that’s why single travelers prefer fully-furnished serviced apartments, which save money and render class-apart facilities. Rooms are fully furnished and air-conditioned. People staying there get maintenance and cleaning additionally. All that in the same budget is helpful. 

  1. Strict security guidelines 

The rules in service apartments make it safer for individuals living there. They make it welcoming for everyone, keeping communal harmony intact. No one can enter the apartments without permission and id proof. Moreover, with 24*7 CCTV cameras and constant surveillance, the whole place becomes highly safe, and you can sleep without worrying about your belongings.

Book The Best Serviced Apartment at Gurgaon

Keeping all the parameters of safety and the promise of a high-quality living, Stay Studio in Gurgaon brings you the best living experience.

With our fully-furnished rooms, housekeeping services, free WiFi, 24*7 security, and breakfast availability, you can enjoy your stay for as long as you like. Hence, you can create friendship bonds, love, live, laugh, work, eat, and socialize in one place with safety as the highest priority.

So, pack your bags and leave the hassles of stay to us as we take care of every little thing to offer you a perfect getaway. For more information visit