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July 15, 2022

People who are always on the move know that the bliss of travelling is in the ease of stay. The more comfortable the stay, the better the whole travel experience becomes. For the same reason, the trend of choosing a fully furnished apartment for rent, also known as service apartments, is growing in most professionals, corporate travellers, and solo backpackers. Whether they’re travelling for leisure, a workcation, or just for a business meeting for 2 days, they choose to rent an apartment over PGs and Hotels. 

Let’s be honest – who would deny the comfort of a home with the amenities, privacy, and facilities of a top-rated hotel? However, there is always some scepticism about living in a rented apartment. Some people believe it comes with hassles, and some love that homely feeling.

So, we’ve decided to end this debate for everyone by talking about the pros and cons of renting a fully furnished service apartment.

So, let’s get this started by talking about. 

Facilities in A Rented Fully Furnished Apartment

The ambience and features of a fully furnished service apartment can make you feel at home as soon as you step in. Whether it is a 2-day or a 2-month stay, sleeping in a cosy space and waking up in a safe space is everyone’s priority. However, depending upon the apartment, there may be co-living facilities and individual spaces. For instance, our Stay Studio service apartments in Gurgaon have private rooms to provide freedom with co-living to everyone.

While the exact features may vary, a few common facilities that you can find are furnished rooms, communal spaces, cafe, beds, kitchen, WiFi, housekeeping, parking, laundry service, easy car rentals, proximity to key areas of the city, and more. Basically, it’s everything you will need to have a memorable stay that fits right into your pockets.

Pros and Cons of Choosing Fully Furnished Apartments on Rent

If travel is on your cards and you are still wondering whether to opt for PG or flats from brokers that will only bring hassles, let us clear the confusion by telling you the merits and demerits of going for a fully furnished apartment for rent. Keep reading.

Pros of Choosing Fully Furnished Apartments on Rent


1. Makes For a Cost-effective option

Everyone loves keeping things under a budget, especially when travelling. Not everyone is ready to shell out big bucks for a limited stay. Renting a fully furnished apartment is an excellent choice for everyone who wishes to experience a complete array of features and amenities on a budget.

2. The flexibility of Moving in & out

Some PGs and brokers come with a lock-in period requiring you to pay in advance or for the days you won’t stay. But this is not the case with service apartments as you can say for as long as you want without paying for extra days.

At Stay studio, there is no lock-in period, meaning you can move out whenever you wish to and pay only for the days you stay.

3. Ideal for short & long-term rentals

Perhaps you’re unsure of the duration of the stay and not willing to commit a date; you can go for rented service apartments without a second thought. They are perfect for the short or long term and match the sudden plan change.

4. Eases the Settling In

If you travel to a new city, you may not know about the best cafes or how to get there. Living in these apartments will allow you to mingle with other inmates who can help you understand the city better. You can also return to the room after a long day and indulge in some activities with other people in your apartment.

Cons of Choosing Fully Furnished Apartments on Rent


1. No Chance of Customization

Many of us like to design our living and working space that makes us feel productive and channel good energies. However, this may not be possible if you are going for a fully furnished apartment for rent, as there are minimal or no changes allowed in these apartments.

2. Quality of furniture

Sometimes, the furniture in the room may not be to your liking. You may want to add or remove some items at your convenience. Since these are pre-designed apartments based on the preference of the majority of people, it may not be possible.

3. You May Not Like Shared Spaces

As these apartments have other people living in their apartments as well and there is always a little crowded, it may not be suitable for you if you love a whole space of your own.

Rent A Perfect Apartment at Stay Studio

Now that you know everything about the fully furnished apartments for rent, you might as well be looking for one. Well, we’ve got you covered.

At Stay Studio, we have meticulously designed service apartments in Gurgaon that come with unmatched facilities you will love. Every room has been customized according to young travellers who love modern features, aesthetic spaces and a comfortable stay with high security. So, wherever you are from, and for however long you wish to stay, we have the perfect place. Explore our rooms and services and book your preferred room today.